Musikgarten plants the seeds for musical growth!

We offer joyful experiences based on the latest research in early childhood & music education.

We develop listening acuity as we build a repertoire of tonal and rhythm patterns necessary for reading and writing music.

We are concerned with the development of the whole child, seeking to foster cognitive, motor, social, emotional & language skills, along with the child’s musical development.

We provide a supportive environment that is loving, non-judgmental & non-competitive, enabling all children to flourish regardless of their level of music aptitude.

Our teachers have had extraordinary educational study with master teachers, including observation of demonstration classes, active participation & practice teaching, rather than Internet or video instruction

We recognize the very different developmental needs
of babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, kindergarteners & early elementary-aged children, and have separate classes with age-appropriate curricula for each.

We use only the most exceptional materials, repertoire and instruments
. Our instruments are specially designed to be safe & developmentally appropriate, and are made of natural materials.

We involve the family
, allowing active music-making to become an integral part of family life.