Music Makers Around the World:
Pre-Piano II

5 1/2 to 7 1/2 year olds

Music Makers Around the World is Part 2 of our two-year sequential program designed to give your child a solid music-making foundation for the three-year Music Makers at the Keyboard curriculum. Music Makers Around the World focuses on your child's fascination with all things new and different as a part of developing music literacy and experiencing the joy of making music together. We continue our musical explorations with an exciting cultural study of The British Isles and Germany, along with our own Amerindian and African-American heritage, experiencing native songs, instruments, dances, stories, and customs. This class is an excellent follow-up for children who have completed Music Makers at Home, and is an excellent piano/keyboard preparation for class for older children new to Musikgarten.

As always, the key ingredients are singing, listening, playing instruments, lots of movement, and tonal and rhythm patterns. Through echoing along with writing and reading patterns, the children build a vocabulary of musical phrases that they can recognize aurally and visually. The children are delighted as they begin to discover their tonal and rhythm patterns appearing in written notation—all a part of understanding musical notation as a useful language.

Throughout the year, the children will use the piano keyboards, as they begin playing parts of their songs using the same method they'll use in Music Makers: At the Keyboard—an excellent preparation for piano classes next year!

Classes meet 70 minutes weekly, for 30 weeks, and begin only in the fall.
Tuition for new students is $660 per year ($330 per semester - $344 after August 9); $646 per year ($323 per semester - $337 after August 9) for children continuing from MMH.

(This includes 4 CDs, folders, notation pages & games)