Musikgarten Adults
“Enjoying the Piano Together”

Want to learn to play the piano in a fun and comfortable environment?
Come join with other adults for a fun, social time making music together.

This class is ideal for:
• Anyone who took lessons as a child and quit
•Anyone who took lessons in the past but can’t remember anything
•Anyone who learned the traditional way but wants to learn to play by ear
• Totally clueless beginners who have never studied any music

In other words, ANYONE who wants to have fun playing the piano!

A keyboard or piano is needed for practice at home. A CD player close by your piano would also be very helpful.

Classes are available for new beginning adults
and for adults continuing from previous Enjoying the Piano Together sessions.

Our next session begins the week of October 9, 2017.

Tuition is $156 (ask about our senior discount!) for the session and includes:
• 8 fun, non-stressful 60-minute lessons
• Student keyboard book with songs, theory, and music appreciation
• An exceptional CD of songs, selections for drumming, listening, and exercises for building reading vocabulary & ear training
• Notation games: quarter and eighth notes; do-mi-sol patterns in D major, and more!

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