Introduction to Music Makers
4 to 6 years

Specially designed as a transition to sequential music learning, the Intro to Music Makers is a fun step along the pathway to music literacy. Children grow in their love of music and nature through activities designed to finely tune the ear, voice, and body while building a solid musical foundation. The children delight in exploring "My Neighborhood Community" through songs, stories, poetry, creative movement and classical music.

We also begin the process of making music together in ensembles. What a wonderful way to develop community, self-control, and cooperation! This intro class is a preparation for Music Makers in the fall, when the children begin the process of writing & reading the language of music.
Classes meet 50 minutes weekly, for 15 weeks, Spring Semester only.
Parents/caregivers join us for the last 10 minutes of each class.

Tuition is $270 per semester ($284 after January 5).

(Includes My Neighborhood folder, CD and notebook)